How To Play Ohio Rolling Cash Lottery

I recently received this question:

“I want to win the rolling cash jackpot. I won the $300 prize in rolling cash 3 times…..I had a good method playing 10 auto picks at the last minute. It used to work but I guess they caught on to my method! I also used to use that same system for pick 3 and pick 4 but it all stopped all of a sudden. I hope your system is powerful enough to break through the stubborn system of the ohio lottery. My biggest challange is to win the rolling cash 5. I already came so close to all 5 numbers. I’ll worry about the mega millions after I win the rolling 5. The odds in the mega are too high. I’ll take the $100+grand leaving me with $70000 after uncle sams cut. email me back and tell me if you can help me and do I have to pay out alot of money to try to win………………..”

My answer was:

You may have been on to something by buying 10 auto picks at the last minute but personally I doubt it. The more likely explanation is that you were rather lucky to win three $300 prizes. 

The problem with all lotteries is that they return only about 50% of the money paid in. If you buy 10 tickets per day in the Ohio Rolling Cash lottery, the odds say that you will on average get 4 numbers up every 338 days, 3 numbers every 10 days and 2 numbers up on average once per day. The chances are that you will win the jackpot once every 158 years!!!

This means that unless the unlikely event of a jackpot win comes up, you will in an average year spend $3640 and your returns will be approximately $1000. You would in fact be spending $2640 per year to give you a chance of winning $100,000 at odds of 157 to 1 against. Not a great bet.

 My own personal strategy is to spend very little indeed on the lottery and invest the remainder in the stock market. You could buy one ticket per day and accumulate $3274 to save or buy mutual funds or individual stocks. This way there is a good chance of building $100,000 in a lifetime and there is still the chance, admittedly remote, of $100,000 windfall. gives you more advice on how to get the best value when playing the lottery.


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